Optički prijemnik mini, jednosmjerni, 1 ulaz/1 izlaz, SC/APC

Optički prijemnik mini, jednosmjerni, 1 ulaz/1 izlaz, SC/APC

Kataloški broj: OPTPDMSCA
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Kataloški broj:OPTPDMSCA
Šifra artikla:1001075
Opis:The exclusive range of OPT-PDM miniaturized optical receivers exploits the potential offered by the FTTH passive optical infrastructure to create a TV-SAT (IF-IF) distribution system even in small and medium-sized residential systems.

The optical receivers are completely passive and no power is required. The only light component available at the output of the OPT-MBJ optical transmitter and transported by the optical fiber is sufficient to make the optical receivers work and to have the correct RF signal at the highest quality on the coaxial output connector to be connected to the TVs or decoders sat.

(dimensions 47x33x15mm)

Technical chars
SC/APC standard connector
OPT-PDM receivers do not need power supply and the optical signal received at the input is sufficient to be able to return the RF signal at the output with the highest quality
Double operating mode: the receivers can be used inside the flush-mounting boxes or in the "Retro TV" mode
Removable protective shell.
Frequency band managed: 88-2350MHz.
Optical Operating Range (typical): 0 to -6dBm
Operating optical window 1270-1610nm.
Code 270653
Optical input
Optical input 1 SC/APC
Optical input connector SC/APC
Wavelength input nm 1270-1610
Optical input power dBm ?10 (from 0 to -6)
RF output
Connectors type F Female
Return loss dB -7
Outputs 1 (TV + SAT)
Optical output
Optical return loss dB -50
Safety class 1M
Output level TV
Max Output level dBµV
67 (tot @0dBm)

Output level SAT
Max Output level SAT per transponder dBµV
80 (tot @0dBm)

Working temperature °C 0 - +40
Storage temperature °C -40 ~ +70
Dimensions mm 47x33x15
Conformity CEI EN 50083-2 EN60065
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 4
EAN code 8016978105939
EAN code 8016978105281
Packaging dimensions mm - LxWxH 85 x 50 x 60
Packaging weight Kg 0.152