Kaskadni multiswitch, in-out/8xMF/1xZEM, 32 izlaza, aktivni/pasivni

Kaskadni multiswitch, in-out/8xMF/1xZEM, 32 izlaza, aktivni/pasivni

Kataloški broj: SWI932TS
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Kataloški broj:SWI932TS
Šifra artikla:0504263
Opis:9 Inputs
9-input cascadable multiswitch with 32 output taps; dip switch to select active and passive TV gain.

Technical chars
Satellite band up to 2300MHz.
High output level to cover long cable distances(60m with 6.7mm cable).
Each port has an LED to show correct reception of DiSEqC commands.
Return channel included when TV gain is passive (5-65MHz).
When TV gain is passive, the product is fully powered by the receivers, the power supply only serves to power the active TV gain, other amplifiers and LNBs.
PSU1215TS external power supply (12V, 1.5A) with Male Jack connector (2.1x5.5x12; inside positive, outside negative) not included in the package; to optimise installation space and reduce maintenance time.
Small size due to matrix switching system, with connectors on both sides.
Easy to install due to standard input colouring
Code 287364
Inputs 8 SAT, 1 TV
Outputs 8 SAT, 1 TV
Taps 32
Bandwidth MHz 950-2300
Gain dB -6/-2
Max Output level dBµV 100
Insertion loss dB -1.5/7.5
TV bandwidth MHz
Active TV: 47-862; Passive TV: 5-862

Gain (Active) dB -6
Gain (Passive) dB -26
Max Output level dBµV Active: 95
Insertion loss dB -3/-5
Return path
Bandwidth MHz
TV passivo: 5-65

Tap mA 50
Current consumption mA
Active TV: 160@12V; Passive TV: entirely fed by the receiver

Maximum power supply current SAT mA Passive TV: 1500; Active TV: 1340
Dimensions mm 300x190x40
Working temperature °C -10÷+55
SAT-SAT Isolation dB >30
Dimensions and packaging
Pcs 1
EAN code 8016978097128
Packaging dimensions mm - LxWxH 330 x 245 x 55
Packaging weight Kg 1.2