Licenca za 16 SPTP ili MPTS IP IN servisa, max 950Mbit, stanica TDcH

Licenca za 16 SPTP ili MPTS IP IN servisa, max 950Mbit, stanica TDcH

Kataloški broj: TDCH746
1.227,99 €
9.252,29 kn
U cijenu je uključen PDV
Kataloški broj:TDCH746
Šifra artikla:0601069
Opis:IP izlaz SFP

Kada naručujete softver za IP, molimo informirajte Triax-Kerman o serijskom broju ID bazne stanice na e-mail.

Broj artikla je: 418740 - TDH IPTV out 100 usluga (licenca za do 100 programa) ili max izlazni bandwight od 85Mbit.

Nadograditi treba stanicu na verziju 2.3 ili višu

IP output licenses need to be purchased from TRIAX to be able to distribute IP services through the TDcH headend
Required license numbers:
Item No.: 418740 TDcH IP-out license
Licenses are activated using License handling in the Administration window.
The TDcH headend system must be connected to a Gigabit network switch to receive and deliver IP services. The
network switch must support IGMP version 2, and contain an adequate number of ports
Cat 5e shielded or better network cables must be used.
Optional hardware:
A fibre-optic transceiver can be used instead of an RJ45 SFP transceiver. This is especially relevant for pre-existing
optical installations, or for installations with high levels of interference and/or total cable lengths exceeding 100m.
The fibre-optic transceiver must be ordered separately.
Item No.: 492087 SFP Fiber 850nm EOLS-8512-MXX (500m)
Item No.: 492088 SFP Fiber 1310nm EOLS-1324-02XX (2km)