Osigurač rastavljač DC 2P, 30A, 1000Vdc

Osigurač rastavljač DC 2P, 30A, 1000Vdc

Kataloški broj: EX9FP2P
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Kataloški broj:EX9FP2P
Šifra artikla:1609001
Opis:Fuse disconnectors Ex9FP for photovoltaic string protection against short circuit and overload. Suitable for cylindrical fuse-links of size 10 x 38 mm. LED optical tripping indicator on the front side is signaling the fuse fault.

• DC Fuse disconnectors for PV systems
• Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn
with appropriate fuse-link up to 33 kA
• Rated current up to 30 A
• Optical tripping indicator
• Fuse-links of size 10 x 38 mm
• Utilization category DC-20B

Rated operational voltage 1000 V DC
Fuse disconnectors Ex9FP for photovoltaic strings protection against. Suitable for cylindrical fuse-links of size
10 x 38 mm.

Protecting for overload and short-circuit current in PV applications
Modular design, width 1 MU per pole
Fuse fault indicator

Electrical parameters

Tested according to IEC/EN 60947-3
Rated op. voltage 1000 V DC
Rated current Ie DC-20B 1000 V DC up to 30 A
Number of poles 1, 2
Utilization category DC-20B
Rated short-time breaking capacity 33 kA (30 kA from 20A)
Maximum power loss of fuse link 4 W

Mechanical parameters

Device width 18 mm (per pole)
Device height 83 mm (89 mm including rail clip)
Frame size 45 mm
Mounting easy fastening onto 35 mm device rail (DIN)
Degree of protection IP20
Terminal capacity 2,5 — 10 mm2
Ambient temperature -30 — +70 °C
Altitude < 2000 m
Relative humidity < 95 %
Resistance to humidity and heat class 2
Pollution degree 3
Installation class III
Fuse dimension 10 x 38 mm
Weight 0.07 kg per pole