Satelitska antena FLAT Megasat sa quad LNB-om

Satelitska antena FLAT Megasat sa quad LNB-om

Kataloški broj: MEGASATFLATD4
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Kataloški broj:MEGASATFLATD4
Šifra artikla:0201073
Opis:Satellite flat antenna with best reception power and exchangeable LNB. Equivalent to a conventional 60 cm parabolic antenna.

Best reception – flexibly applicable
The flat antenna is the ideal solution to receive space-saving and inconspicuous satellite television. Its flat, compact and easy to mount design makes the antenna (almost) invisible. The robust and stable housing protects the high-quality electronics inside from weather influences. The reception power is equivalent to a conventional 60 cm parabolic mirror and is perfectly suited for installation on the balcony or directly on the house wall.

Simply replace the LNB
A universal LNB for 1, 2 or 4 users is included in the scope of delivery. In contrast to conventional flat antennas, the complete unit does not have to be replaced in case of a defect, but only the LNB itself, which saves you costs. If required, the LNB can be exchanged in just a few steps. So you can also upgrade your system for more participants at a reasonable price.

Input frequency: 10.7 – 12.75 GHz
Polarization: Linear (vertical/horizontal)
Antenna gain: 33 dBi @ 12.75 GHz
LNB output: 1, 2 or 4
LNB Output frequency: 950 – 1,950 MHz/1,100 – 2,150 MHz
L.O. Frequency: 9.75 GHz/10.6 GHz
LNB gain: Min. 55 db/MAX. 66 db
Gain Flatness: 5 db
Power supply: 12 – 14 V DC (v)/16 – 19 V DC (h)
Power consumption: max. 160 MA
Operating temperature:-20 ° C – + 60 ° C
Storage temperature:-40 ° C – + 80 ° C
F-Plug (1, 2, or 4)

Width: 525 mm
Height: 290 mm
Depth: 68 mm (without LNB)
Weight: 3.6 kg (net)

width: 910 mm
height: 670 mm
Depth: 145 mm
Weight: 5,8 kg (gross)