Optički predajnik DFB 1310nm/10mW(10dBm)/220VAc

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Optički predajnik DFB 1310nm/10mW(10dBm)/220VAc

Kataloški broj:LT553010
Šifra artikla:1001026

* Choose internationally renowned brand DFB laser of high performance;
* Excellent pre-distortion circuit can improve C/CTB and C/CTB and C/CSO target effectively;
* AGC radio frequency controlled circuit can ensure the constancy of laser modulating extent;
* Automatic temperature controlled circuit(ATC) and automatic power control circuit(APC) can ensure the best working state of the laser;
* Slow starting circuit and radio frequency extreme protecting circuit ensure the laser not to be damaged;
* Microcomputer automatically monitoring circuit monitors each parameter of the laser real-timely and precisely as well as makes the equipment? working state stable and reliable;
* Highly bright display screen displays each parameter of the working state and makes the conversation between people and machine more convenient if coordinated with trouble-warning LED indicator light;
* Indoor models use standard 19inch 1U luxurious alloy cabinet, equipped with RJ-45 and RJ-232 network management, this product can realize long-rang communication and network management monitor.