Kompaktni multiswitch, 4xMF/1xZEM/8 izlaza

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Kompaktni multiswitch, 4xMF/1xZEM/8 izlaza

Kataloški broj:SMS5806NF
Šifra artikla:0503049
Opis:SMS 5606 NF, SMS 5806 NF
SMS 51206 NF, SMS 51606 NF, SMS 52406 NF
For 6, 8, 12, 16 or 24 subscribers.
•The SAT IF amplifiers provide high output levels.
• Synchronous level adjuster for Low- and High-Band (0…-12dB).
• The multiswitch supports standby mode. Both the SAT IF amplifier, as well as the remote power supply of the LNB
is only active if at least one receiver provides a supply voltage to the multiswitch outlet.
• LNB supply voltage selectable for Quattro or QUAD LNB.
• The multiswitches have a passive return path for interactive applications (triple play)
and additionally offer a CATV - compatible forward path.
• Level adjuster (0…-12 dB) for the terrestrial forward path.
• The devices are equipped with a switched-mode power supply.