Satelitski konverter sa izlazima LV/LH/HV/HH, uski vrat, Megasat

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Satelitski konverter sa izlazima LV/LH/HV/HH, uski vrat, Megasat

Kataloški broj:LNBQUATRODM
Šifra artikla:0202045
Opis:LNBs in a reliable pro-quality – Extremely small and powerful
The Megasat Multifeed LNB series has been developed specifically for multifeed systems. The slim and compact design makes it possible to align the LNBs closely to each other. Thus satellites with 2° distance can be received. The multifeed method is a simple solution for receiving multiple satellites with only one antenna. Opposite rotation systems, there is no waiting time when switching channels that are received on different satellites. Depending on the LNB variant up to 4 devices can be connected. The most common satellites are often close to each other and are less than 4° distance with conventional LNBs not or receive only very poorly. With the Megasat Multifeed LNB you can reach any chosen satellite position.
The LNB is suitable for operation on multiswitch. The four F–connectors are divided into the respective receiving levels: Horizontal High (HH), Vertical High (VH), Horizontal Low (HL) and Vertical Low (VL). The retractable weather guard protects the F–connector from snow and rain. By a very low noise figure of only 0.1 dB, excellent picture and sound quality is guaranteed.

User: depending on multi switch
Noise figure: 0.1 dB
Input frequency range: 10.7 – 12.75 GHz
Oscillator frequency: 9.75 – 10.6 GHz
Signal gain: 60 dB
Features: extremely heat- and cold resistant
Additional function: pull-weather protection
Feed diameter: 23 mm (incl. Adapter ring 40 mm)
4x F-connector (HH / HL / VH / VL)
Logistic Data

Width: 142 mm
Depth: 38 mm
Height: 95 mm
Weight: 193 g (net)

Length: 144 mm
Width: 45 mm
Height: 99 mm
Weight: 242 g (gross)