Distribucijsko pojačalo 30dB/220Vac, povratni pojas 5-65MHz

Distribucijsko pojačalo 30dB/220Vac, povratni pojas 5-65MHz

Kataloški broj: GHV830C
310,32 kn
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Kataloški broj:GHV830C
Šifra artikla:0404064
Opis:The GHV 830C is a low noise coaxial (NE4) House Distribution Amplifier, for use in medium to large CATV distribution networks in multidwelling houses.
The GHV 830C Distribution Amplifier has a modular design with return path, all-on-board for easy setting and installation.

Rotary switches and jumpers provide for readable, easy and reproducible setting of attenuation and equalization, maintaining a non-breakable signal path down- and upstream to avoid down-time.

Cost effective 1 GHz technology.
Adjustable attenuation and equalization settings in 1dB steps using rotary switches and jumpers.
Switchable VHF Band I (RC=OFF) or 5-65 MHz Return Path (RC=ON).
Selectable Return Path: On/Off, Active/Passive.
Upstream 26/32 dB amplification / High output level.
Downstream 30 dB amplification / high output level.
All-on-board return path technology, all features available without module.
Optional Automatic Return channel Activation (ARA) (switchable return channel blocker for noise suppression).
All connectors are F-connector female, individually mounted -20dB input- and output- test connectors.
Extensive ESD- and Surge-Protection.
Unit is mains fed via an EU-type power plug. Low power consumption.


Frequency range 5-65 / 85-862 MHz
Gain 30 dB
Noise figure 6 dB
Noise figure VHF 5 dB
Attenuation forward - 40...862 MHz (VHF I:on) 0-16 dB
Attenuation forward - line equalizer at input 0-16 dB
Through loss return > 14 dB
Linearity 1,5 / +1 dB
AC Supply voltage 230 ± 10% VAC
Power Consumption (typ.) 6 W
IP Housing protection class II / IP 20
Connector Type F-female