Optički prijemnik 1310nm/47-862MHz, 60Vac

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Optički prijemnik 1310nm/47-862MHz, 60Vac

Kataloški broj:LT8602NI
Šifra artikla:1001067
Opis:LT-8602N-I Intelligent Optical Node (Optical AGC, 2Outputs, 108dBuV, Slope/gain adjusted manually, Four 8-segment LED Numeric display)

LT-8602/04N-I field optical receiver is a kind of lately researched high quality CATV network product.
It adopts the reasonable combination of GaAs and NEC amplifying module. AGC/MGC function.
When input optical power is in the range of -6 ~ +1dBm, output level is stable and it is characterized by
high performance index. Single-chip microcomputer control LED numeral displays each items of
operation parameter, which makes CATV network project can be tested
more conveniently. Digital signal and analogue signal can be transmitted
at the same time. This is priority choice in HFC network system construction.

* 1310nm and 1550nm windows.
* Single-chip microcomputer controls AGC/MGC status and output level remotely.
* Four digital high-bright 7-segment LEDs display each items of operation parameters real-timely (optical power, output level, inside temperature, voltage, current, etc).
* RF output level, gain and slope can be adjusted.
* High-reliability switch power supply, small temperature increasing, high switching power and wide
voltage range.
* Each port has AC60V LED display indicator, making operate easily.
* Optional network management responder complied with SCTE HMS standard can be chosen.
Operating status and performance parameter can be controlled and monitored remotely.
*Perfect surge suppression circuit, it can prevent surge stroke and light stroke efficiently.
* Built-in AC60V independent power supply port, can be used conveniently.
*High-quality die-cast aluminum housing which is characterized by dust-proof, water-proof, shield, fine performance of heating-dissipating and convenient installation.