Optički pretvarač Quatro, sa izlazima LV/LH/HV/HH, 950-2150MHz

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Optički pretvarač Quatro, sa izlazima LV/LH/HV/HH, 950-2150MHz

Kataloški broj:TVQ06
Šifra artikla:0503046
Opis:TVQ 06 Re-converter Quatro

TVQ 06 is a mini optical-to-coax converter which convert frequency stacked optical signals provided from an Opto-LNB TOL or TOU 232-Kit (IRS 1) sidecar unit into four legacy universal single coax signals like a Quatro LNB. The converter also provide a coax DTT/DAB/FM signal diplexed onto a separate output if it is inserted into the optical transmitter TOU 232 SA.

Built in AGC which allows a wide dynamic range of the optical signals on Fibre input with less deviation of the RF output level and signal quality.
Two LED indicators display operational status.
Easy mounting via a wall baseplate.
Power supply via RF outputs from multiswitch unit
Optional external power supply for continuous operation available.

Optical budget for PON (max.) 19.0(@TOL 32, TOU 232) - 22.0(@TOL 64) dB
Optical input power -12.0(@TOL32,TOU232) -13.5...0(@TOL 64) dBm
Optical splitting in PON (max.) 32(@TOL 32, TOU 232) - 64(@TOL 64)
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) 30 dB
Output level SAT 79/74/69 dBµV
Output level TER 75 dBµV
Vertical High band (1.95 to 3.0 GHz) fix, 1100 - 2150 MHz
Vertical Low band (0.95 to 1.95 GHz) fix, 950 - 1950 MHz
Wavelength 1310/1550 nm
Horizontal High band (4.4 to 5.45 GHz) fix, 1100 - 2150 MHz
Horizontal Low band (3.4 to 4.4 GHz) fix, 950 - 1950 MHz
RF frequency range, horizontal polarities 3.4...5.45 GHz
RF frequency range, vertical polarities 0.95...3.0 GHz
TER frequency range DAB 174...240 MHz
TER frequency range DTT 470...854 MHz
TER frequency range FM 87...108 MHz
Return Loss 10 dB
Impedance 75 ohm
DC Operating voltage 10...20 VDC
External PSU item ID 307657 (TPS323-20Vdc/1.2A)
External PSU Optional
Temperature - operating -15...+60 °C
DC Current consumption <400 mA
Connector Type Optical - FC/PC
Connector IN Optical - FC/PC
Connector OUT F-female (4xSAT+TER)
Dimensions product (H x D x W) 97x61x26 mm
Packaging Depth 0,025 m
Packaging Height 0,075 m
Total Weight 0,200 kg
Packaging Width 0,125 m
Net Weight 0,180 kg
Tara Weight 0,020 kg